Well done boys!

Left to right: Pedro Collaço, Antonio Stott and Miguel Rocha. Photo: Tomás Calmeiro

This weekend took place the Euro Bodysurf 2017 Tour 2• leg this time in Anglet, France.

With long paddle sessions to the line up, 1,5m waves, sunny weather and the usual amazing vibe shared by all the bodysurfers, this event was another huge sucess and we couldn’t be more happy with the our boys Miguel Rocha and Pedro Collaço achievements, reaching the 1/2 finals. 

It has been a remarkable journey since the European bodysurf tour began to this guys 3 years ago in the same place, Anglet. 

Another amazing rider and Bodysurf Ride project fellow Antonio Stott, took an awesome 3th place in the open finals category.

Alongside the 3 great bodysurfers, a Portuguese crew helded by 9 riders participated in the event, with Marta Leitao taking 4th place in women’s category. 

Right now we were told the crew is heading to Hossegor to catch some waves, after a unique “black ball” wedge Session in Grand Place, Biarrtiz. 

We want to thank the Euro Bodysurf Tour organization for the vibe, welcome and stellar event. 

The Portuguese bodysurf crew: Pedro Collaço, A. Pedro, Tomás Calmeiro, Antonio Stott, Miguel Rocha, Rui Lopes, Edmundo Barata, Marta Leitao, Teresa Ayala and Anita Lino. Photo: Marta Leitão.

See you next time. 

Euro 2017 Bodysurf tour is ON!

Euro 2017 Bodysurf Anglet Poster.jpg

It starts tomorrow the 2nd leg of the Euro Bodysurf tour 2017.

For the next 2 days, Anglet will be the set for another great bodysurfing competition and we want to send some Ahua power to our boys Migas and Pedro Collaço, to all the Portuguese bodysurfing crew and to all the riders who will join this amazing vibe.

Keep it Fun Guys!!




Rodrigo Carrajola reaches the top!


Rodrigo Carrajola

The world surf reserve Ribeira de Ilhas, Ericeira was the choosen spot for another national bodysurfing championship leg with our boy Rodrigo Carrajola taking home the highest podium and now leading the ranking.

Choppy waves and on-shore wind made all riders struggle throughout the event looking for the best waves. Despite the rough conditions there was high performances of pure surfing and power maneuvers showing how much the level has improved in the last 2 years.

The final podium was set by waterman and local João Brogueira taking 2nd, Felix snagged a 3th reaching his first finals and Antonio Stott finishing 4th.

Good performances also for Miguel Rocha 5th, Henrique Madeira 7th, Gonçalo Tita 9th Pedro Collaço 13th and Manuel Espada 17th place. Niiiceee!!

Ahua team wants to congratulate and thanks to all the bodysurfers for such this unique  vibe and results in the competition. Thank you for let us be part of this unique community.

Congratulations to the organisation for another great event.

See you guys soon! Next stop? Cascais!

Keep it Fun!




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Designed by our shaper and founder Nuno Mesquita, the Malibu is a stretched Reef for a pure fun high performance wave line and speed.

The Malibu´s shape is functional, clean and minimalistic with single concave bottom for a soft lift and excellent drive. Full forearm size, smooth round deck design for a perfect hand grab position, better control and solid feel and super light for a smoother paddling.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 21.49.03

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Designed by our shaper and founder Nuno Mesquita, the Original Ahua handplane is a functional, clean and minimalistic shape with single concave bottom for a soft lift and excellent drive.

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