Paulownia Reef Handplane



Designed by our shaper and founder Nuno Mesquita based on his favourite hand shape, the Paulownia Reef is an all around high performance handplane designed for line speed and barrel control, resistant and super light for a smoother paddle.

The Reef has a double concave bottom aligned by a long wood shaped fin.
A smooth round deck design offers a perfect hand grab position for better control and solid feel.

                                                         Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.46.44.png
The Reef is for bodysurfers who look for that extra mile in terms of performance.

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Bodysurf Ride Açores 16-19 March 2017

CArtaz acores

Hi guys!
There´s a new bodysurfing project in town, the name… Bodysurf Ride.
We organise bodysurf trips, we are all about chasing waves and dreams with amazing vibe.
It all began 2 year ago after our final bodysurf champion season here in Portugal, when we, (3 friends), Antonio Stott (2015 champion), Nuno Mesquita (Ahua founder) and Nicolás Manaças (Ahua production manager) felt the need of just free surfing alongside with our friends.
Our first Bodysurf Ride took place last March in Sagres, Portugal, where we gather 27 bodysurfers for a great chilling fun and lots of bodysurf weekend in the best spots.
First aid water rescue and apnea workshops where some of the activities we offered to all who joined us. Ahua handplanes and Dafins where given in a lottery after our final dinner.
This year we are back with a new destination and upgraded offer and experience.
The next Bodysurf Ride will take place in Açores. Will be 4 days of pure joy, fun and lots of bodysurfing in the best spots in the São Miguel island.
Amazing accommodation, transportation to the best spots and sight seeing, 1 Ahua handplane, 1 Gath helmet and 1 Dafins for lottery prizes. Water-land video and photography are some of the things we have to offer.
Are you in? 🙂 we hope so!
For more info and details:
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– Ahuasurf
– Bodysurf Ride
– Ahuasurf.

Where you gonna stay.


Where you gonna sleep.


Where you gonna surf.


What you can win.


What you gonna visit.


Where you eat.


Local boy Miguel Rocha takes 1st at Vagueira Pro. Congrats Migas!


What an event guys!

Last Saturday 20th, with sunny and warm weather the 4th round of the national bodysurfing championship took place in Praia do Labrego, Vagueira and the Ahua Riders shredded it!

3/4 feet waves up to 6 feet in the finals and strong currents made all competitors struggled to get through every single heat, which by the high tide seemed more like a biathlon contest with the athletes having to run through the sand and pier to the line up.

Despite the conditions, the Ahua Riders surfed awesome runs taking them right up to the podium with Miguel Rocha snagging 1st place, Rodrigo Carrajola landing 3rd and Henrique Madeira reaching 4th place. The 2105 champion Antonio Stott took 2nd.

Being a local boy, Miguel Rocha surfed very strongly with long waves and power maneuvers on the lip. Our grommet Rodrigo Carrajola, took his bodysurfing to a higher level nailing extreme air rolls. Henrique Madeira was the big surprise, coming from the trials he surfed very consistently every heat winning against others big bodysurfers who were fighting for the championship.

Another highlight were the amazing performances of the two only women athletes, Sofia Santos and Marta Leitão, leading them to the 1/4 finals.

During the event, a buoy and sunga contest took place and thrilled all the presents with an awesome vibe and crazy trunks alongside the overwhelming cheering fans that came to support Miguel Rocha on his crusade.

With one event to go, Miguel Rocha is closer to became the next national bodysurf champion, for which we are already setting a big party to celebrate it!

Ahua wants to special thanks to Miguel Rocha and Maria Pedro, for their unconditional love and accommodation at their home, to the Vagueirudos for their unique support, friendship and energy, to Kika and her crew from Bar Praia do Labrego for their kindness and affection, to Mare restaurant for the wonderful steaks, to Bruno Kalssas/ ASV for this support, to Ferneto for believing in us, and to Alfarroba Organization and everyone involved for such a stellar event and see you all at the next leg on the 10th at Praia de Supertubos, Peniche for the final Round!

Ahua Team

The riders.IMG_3215IMG_5371

Henrique MadeiraIMG_4990IMG_5297

IMG_5084Gonçalo  FariaIMG_5220


Rodrigo CarrajolaIMG_5550IMG_5526IMG_5772IMG_5764IMG_5808IMG_5902

Nuno MesquitaIMG_5865

Ahua Boy Manuel EspadaIMG_5963

Nuno MesquitaIMG_5886IMG_5964

The Heat. Gonçalo Faria, Nuno Mesquita, Antonio Stott and Pedro AntunesIMG_5990IMG_6176IMG_6100IMG_6099IMG_6098

The Vagueira CrewIMG_6186IMG_3218

Rodrigo Carrajola and Miguel Rocha heading the finalsIMG_3224

The final. Antonio Stott, Rodrigo Carrajola, Miguel Rocha and Henrique MadeiraIMG_3230IMG_6202IMG_6240

Rodrigo CarrajolaIMG_6231

The VagueirudosIMG_6307

Miguel RochaIMG_6418

Sunga boysScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 23.03.05Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 23.05.33IMG_3258

The PodiumIMG_3264IMG_3237

Bodysurf Ride Crew Nuno Mesquita, Nico Manaças and Antonio StottIMG_3240IMG_3251


Ahua Paulownia Handplane – Pure Surfing Performance


100% handmade, the Ahua Paulownia Wood Handplane proposes to achieve great performance and sustainability in one piece.

  • Channels for better surf line control
  • Special elastic varnish for better wood protection and durability.

Available in tree sizes:

Small – Designed for the highest performance.

Medium – All arround handplane. Covers most of the conditionsmadeira 2

Large – Best for weaker summer waves or big bodysurfers

madeira 3

The Ahua strap is ajustable and fits all hands.

All Ahua handplanes are hand finished and checked tree times for quality.

All Ahua handplanes are signed and they can have the owners name engraved after the serial number.

Ahua congrats Antonio Stott for his 1st place

13816893_10208237188742333_1779710754_nThe 2016 National Bodysurf Championship 3rd round took place last Saturday at Santa Cruz and once again the Ahua Team rip it!

5 feet waves, side-shore wind and strong corrents, made all competitors struggled to get through every single heat.

Despite the conditions, the Ahua Riders nailed awesome runs taking them right up to the podium with Miguel Rocha snagging 2nd place and Nuno Mesquita landing 3rd place.

The winner was the amazing BodySurfer and 2015 champion Antonio Stott, proving he’s still On for the tittle.  The rider Pedro Collaço took his consistently strong performance to 4th.

Alongside the event, the Hosts Nebur Cotrim-Caruma handplanes and Pedro Reis event speaker, were on fire with their stunning Welcome and After party events, making all the crew overwhelmed.

Thanks to the organization and everyone involved for such a stellar event and see you all at the next leg on the 22th of Ago at Praia da Vagueira, Aveiro!

Ahua Team