Mark Cunningham @ Costa da Caparica Powered by AHUA


MC Grupo.jpg

So, here´s how it all happened…

A friend shared a photo of Mark Cunningham and his family here in Lisbon, we got stoked, we couldn´t believe the Hawaiian Bodysurf Legend was here, in our own town! Another friend, André Medina, took a chance and sent a message to his friend Henrique Pistilli asking for Mark´s contact, 10min later we had it! It was 1h30 am and we took the shot, we sent an email to Mark and… we waited.

Next day the phone rang :- Hi Nuno, is Mark Cunningham, thank you for your email and invitation, I would love to be with you guys, I just have to see with my family and I´ll call you later, is that ok? – Oh hi, Mark! Hum..How are you? Ya…Sure!! Of course! No problem!! See you later then!

He called me to share the big news:- WE DID IT!! WE DID IT!!  -and we waited, and waited and nothing happened, no phone call. Late at night we said: – well it´s ok, at least we tried!

Friday morning Nuno´s phone rang again: – Hi Nuno, is Mark, we´re in!

We called our friends to tell the big news, but none of them believed us because it was April´s fools. After telling them we were serious, we set the time and place.

Saturday we met, and here are the moments we want share with you:


IMG_9292    IMG_0820


IMG_2183   IMG_1845













THANK YOU: Mark, Katie, Taylor, Whitney, Henrique Pistilli, Andre Medina, Antonio Stott, Miguel Rocha, Ruy Brazão, Gonçalo Tita, Nuno Fontinha, Gonçalo Faria, Francisca Fernandes, Mauro Jerónimo, Henrique Madeira, Devo Forbes, João Vasco, João Simões, Nebur, Tomás Calmeiro, Martim Calmeiro, Pedro Reis, Pedro Antunes, Miguel Angelo, Edmundo, Rita Durães, Henrique Herminio, Mário Albuquerque, Filipe Avillez, Filipa Lacerda, Teresa Mesquita, Alexandru Alexa, NF Photography, UCAbodysurf, Caruma Handplanes FOR YOUR AMAZING VIBE, FRIENDSHIP AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

See you soon. 😉




4 thoughts on “Mark Cunningham @ Costa da Caparica Powered by AHUA

  1. Very cool…stoked for you guys…Mark is a great guy and bodysurfing bruddah…always good to spend time with him😎


    • Thank you so much Mel !
      Thats exacly it .. It was a memorable day for our bodysurfing family.

      I don’t believe in coincidences… Just before i received your comment i was checking the DOW trailer and some 70´s footage of you and your crew at the Wedge.. Does that mean you are visiting Portugal soon??

      Stay strong, we wish you the best one of the set!


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