Ahua congrats Antonio Stott for his 1st place

13816893_10208237188742333_1779710754_nThe 2016 National Bodysurf Championship 3rd round took place last Saturday at Santa Cruz and once again the Ahua Team rip it!

5 feet waves, side-shore wind and strong corrents, made all competitors struggled to get through every single heat.

Despite the conditions, the Ahua Riders nailed awesome runs taking them right up to the podium with Miguel Rocha snagging 2nd place and Nuno Mesquita landing 3rd place.

The winner was the amazing BodySurfer and 2015 champion Antonio Stott, proving he’s still On for the tittle.  The rider Pedro Collaço took his consistently strong performance to 4th.

Alongside the event, the Hosts Nebur Cotrim-Caruma handplanes and Pedro Reis event speaker, were on fire with their stunning Welcome and After party events, making all the crew overwhelmed.

Thanks to the organization and everyone involved for such a stellar event and see you all at the next leg on the 22th of Ago at Praia da Vagueira, Aveiro!

Ahua Team



58 Surf Shop is the new Ahua Team Play

brazao 58

We are glad to announce our new Ahua spot dealer –  58 Surf Shops.

Now you can get your Ahua handplanes in the Peniche and Ericeira´s 58 Surf.

Our Team Rider Ruy Brazão made the honours of celebrating the great moment.

Keep it Fun!

More info: ahuasurf.com , 58surf.com


Arrifana Surf School gets Ahua Handplanes


Summer is here and  Arrifana Surf School & Camp is your spot in the southwest coast of the Algarve, Portugal.

An amazing  beach break and clear water surrounded by a great landscape, makes Arrifana-beach the perfect choice to learn bodysurfing.

Bring your family and friends and try our handplanes whether for a bodysurf lesson or just a simple test-drive, one thing for sure, it will make you smile til the next time.

If is your first time, the Arrifana Surf School instructors will be there to guide you with your handplane choice and basics knowledge so you can have a blast.

Keep It Fun!


Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 14.17.50

More info: http://www.arrifanasurfschool.com


Ahua Cork Handplane – Premium Pure Surfing

100% handmade, the Ahua Cork Handplane proposes to achieve performance and sustainability in one piece.


With better grip and a smoother touch, they are available in tree sizes:

Small – Designed for the highest performance.


Medium – All arround handplane. Covers most of the conditions2

Large – Best for weaker summer waves or big bodysurfers.3

The Ahua strap is ajustable and fits all hands.

All Ahua handplanes are hand finished and constantly checked for quality.

All Ahua handplanes are signed by Nuno Mesquita and they can have the owners name engraved with the serial number.

Keep it Fun!

Ahua Color handplanes, taking your bodysurf to the upper level.



Specially designed for adult riders, the AHUA COLOR HANDPLANE is the solution to take your bodysurfing to another level.

-More rigid material.

-Better wave line.

-More speed.

Available in one size that fits all hands, this all-around handplane can be specially customized for you ! Just follow the 3 steps:

.1- Choose the color of your board

.2- Choose the color of the adjustable strap.

.3- Write something on your new AHUA JOY HANDPLANE
( name, initials, something cool … )

.4- Let´s Bodysurf!