Bodysurf Ride Açores 16-19 March 2017

CArtaz acores

Hi guys!
There´s a new bodysurfing project in town, the name… Bodysurf Ride.
We organise bodysurf trips, we are all about chasing waves and dreams with amazing vibe.
It all began 2 year ago after our final bodysurf champion season here in Portugal, when we, (3 friends), Antonio Stott (2015 champion), Nuno Mesquita (Ahua founder) and Nicolás Manaças (Ahua production manager) felt the need of just free surfing alongside with our friends.
Our first Bodysurf Ride took place last March in Sagres, Portugal, where we gather 27 bodysurfers for a great chilling fun and lots of bodysurf weekend in the best spots.
First aid water rescue and apnea workshops where some of the activities we offered to all who joined us. Ahua handplanes and Dafins where given in a lottery after our final dinner.
This year we are back with a new destination and upgraded offer and experience.
The next Bodysurf Ride will take place in Açores. Will be 4 days of pure joy, fun and lots of bodysurfing in the best spots in the São Miguel island.
Amazing accommodation, transportation to the best spots and sight seeing, 1 Ahua handplane, 1 Gath helmet and 1 Dafins for lottery prizes. Water-land video and photography are some of the things we have to offer.
Are you in? 🙂 we hope so!
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