Knock! Knock! We´re on!

IMG_6945.jpgThe portuguese and european bodysurfing championship has kicked off and our boys  shredded it! Stoked!

For 3 days, the euroatlantic bodysurfing community joined in the purest surf trip mode in the spot Pico da Mota, Peniche.  Blessed by sunny weather, funny size waves conditions throughout all the competition and beautiful wedge sunset free surf sessions shared by more than 30 bodysurfers with amazing smiles, it was an epic weekend for the Ahua crew and friends.

After a great winter training season with stunning heavy bodysurf sessions, Miguel Rocha nailed 2nd showing he´s still the man to beat. Grommet Henrique Madeira took 3th surprising everybody with his power bodysurfing. Final but not least, Pedro Collaço snagged a top 4th place with a perfect consistence  performance. Local rider and wildcard Daniel Fonseca swept all the competition from the trials to the highest podium. Congrats Daniel!

Good performances also for Rodrigo Carrajola, Gonçalo Tita and Manuel Espada with a 5th, 9th and 17th places respectively. Niiiceee!!

In the european competition Open Division´s, Pedro Collaço achieved 7th place, followed by Miguel Rocha 13th and Rodrigo Carrajola 17th.

Ahua team wants to congratulate and thanks to all the bodysurfers for such an outstanding weekend, unforgettable vibe and results in each competition. Thank you for let us be part of this unique community.

Congratulations to the organisation for another remarkable event.

See you guys soon! Next stop? Ericeira!

Keep it Fun!

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Cork Reef Handplane


Designed by our shaper and founder Nuno Mesquita based on his favourite hand shape, the Cork Reef is Ahua´s premium handplane.

Developed for big wave ridding with extra weight for better drop and line control.

A double concave bottom aligned by a wood shaped fin makes this handplane fluid and dynamic for a perfect wave line and epic inside section control, half forearm size and a smooth round deck for a perfect hand grab position, control and solid feel.

ahua cork medium  32 x 19cm

The Cork Reef is for bodysurfers who search for heavy wave performance.

Paulownia Malibu handplane

Collaço Site Malibu cópia.jpg

Designed by our shaper and founder Nuno Mesquita, the Malibu is a stretched Reef for a pure fun high performance wave line and speed.

The Malibu´s shape is functional, clean and minimalistic with single concave bottom for a soft lift and excellent drive. Full forearm size, smooth round deck design for a perfect hand grab position, better control and solid feel and super light for a smoother paddling.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 21.49.03.png

40 x 20cm

The Malibu is for bodysurfers who´s dream is a perfect long point break wave and getting barrelled.

Check more info @:

Paulownia Reef Handplane


Designed by our shaper and founder Nuno Mesquita based on his favourite hand shape, the Paulownia Reef is an all around high performance handplane designed for line speed and barrel control, resistant and super light for a smoother paddle.

The Reef has a double concave bottom aligned by a long wood shaped fin.
A smooth round deck design offers a perfect hand grab position for better control and solid feel.

Paulownia Reef32x19cm

The Reef is for bodysurfers who look for that extra mile in terms of performance.

Check more info @: