Rodrigo Carrajola reaches the top!


Rodrigo Carrajola

The world surf reserve Ribeira de Ilhas, Ericeira was the choosen spot for another national bodysurfing championship leg with our boy Rodrigo Carrajola taking home the highest podium and now leading the ranking.

Choppy waves and on-shore wind made all riders struggle throughout the event looking for the best waves. Despite the rough conditions there was high performances of pure surfing and power maneuvers showing how much the level has improved in the last 2 years.

The final podium was set by waterman and local João Brogueira taking 2nd, Felix snagged a 3th reaching his first finals and Antonio Stott finishing 4th.

Good performances also for Miguel Rocha 5th, Henrique Madeira 7th, Gonçalo Tita 9th Pedro Collaço 13th and Manuel Espada 17th place. Niiiceee!!

Ahua team wants to congratulate and thanks to all the bodysurfers for such this unique  vibe and results in the competition. Thank you for let us be part of this unique community.

Congratulations to the organisation for another great event.

See you guys soon! Next stop? Cascais!

Keep it Fun!




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