Well done boys!

Left to right: Pedro Collaço, Antonio Stott and Miguel Rocha. Photo: Tomás Calmeiro

This weekend took place the Euro Bodysurf 2017 Tour 2• leg this time in Anglet, France.

With long paddle sessions to the line up, 1,5m waves, sunny weather and the usual amazing vibe shared by all the bodysurfers, this event was another huge sucess and we couldn’t be more happy with the our boys Miguel Rocha and Pedro Collaço achievements, reaching the 1/2 finals. 

It has been a remarkable journey since the European bodysurf tour began to this guys 3 years ago in the same place, Anglet. 

Another amazing rider and Bodysurf Ride project fellow Antonio Stott, took an awesome 3th place in the open finals category.

Alongside the 3 great bodysurfers, a Portuguese crew helded by 9 riders participated in the event, with Marta Leitao taking 4th place in women’s category. 

Right now we were told the crew is heading to Hossegor to catch some waves, after a unique “black ball” wedge Session in Grand Place, Biarrtiz. 

We want to thank the Euro Bodysurf Tour organization for the vibe, welcome and stellar event. 

The Portuguese bodysurf crew: Pedro Collaço, A. Pedro, Tomás Calmeiro, Antonio Stott, Miguel Rocha, Rui Lopes, Edmundo Barata, Marta Leitao, Teresa Ayala and Anita Lino. Photo: Marta Leitão.

See you next time. 


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